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WATCH: Canada Day message from Justin Trudeau

Happy Canada Day!

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just released a video in honour of Canada Day, which is today, July 1. Trudeau commented on how difficult the last few months have been, and how Canadians have “been there for one another” in order to get through the COVID-19 pandemic. He also reiterated a point from previous briefings, about how Canada is great not because we believe that we are the best country in the world, but because we know that one day “we could be.”

Read part of the statement here, and see the full video below. Happy Canada Day!

“Canada’s success is because of it’s people — people like you. People who strive to live up to shared values of peace, equality and compassion. People who believe in the strength of out diversity. And people who know that it’s only together that we can build a better country. A country where everyone has an equal and fair chance to succeed. A country where we say no to racism, to injustice, to hate. A country where we know our work is never finished. Because that’s what makes Canada special. Not the belief that this is the best country in the world — the knowledge that we could be. We can build that country. I know we can. Because no challenge we face will be too great if we face it together. Today we celebrate the country we share. And tomorrow, we look to the future and move forward, together. Happy Canada Day, everyone!”

Canada Day message from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

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