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Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal will be a virtual interactive edition this year

Sadly there will be no Nasty Show or Ethnic Show.

The Just for Laughs comedy festival in Montreal has just announced that this year’s edition will be entirely online. The French edition, Juste Pour Rire, will be a hybrid version of in-person, pre-recorded and virtual performances. The festival, previously scheduled to run from Sept. 29 to Oct. 11, will now take place over a two-day period, from Oct. 9 to 10, and will sadly not include The Nasty Show or The Ethnic Show. The Bill Burr concert show will also be postponed till 2021.

“With no precise indication of when borders will reopen, and faced with soaring demand for high-quality digital comedy content, we’ve made the decision to move our festival online, while always maintaining our focus on the excellence of our offerings – an excellence that is recognized and appreciated throughout the world.”

Bruce Hills, President for Just for Laughs

The programming details for Just for Laughs as well as Juste Pour Rire are in the works, and we’ll keep you up to date on all the latest announcements. ■

For more info on the Just for Laughs and Juste Pour Rire comedy festivals in Montreal, please visit their website.

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