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Kanye West announces Yeezy collab with GAP


After not tweeting in almost four months, since March 2, Kanye West has announced a collaboration between the clothing store GAP and his brand Yeezy. Kanye’s tweet is super vague, as they sometimes tend to be, with the hashtag “#WESTDAYEVER” and a photo of a person opening a large bag wearing a colourful combination of jacket, hoodie and what appears to be khakis. The large duffel-like bag is inscribed with the following words: “YZY GAP DEVELOPED BY YEEZY AND GAP IN CODY WY 062520”

Kanye West, who made an appearance at a Black Lives Matter rally in Chicago earlier this month, has also unfortunately been struggling with mental illness in recent years.
Kanye West announces Yeezy collab with GAP

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