The Online Casino Industry Explained

The online casino industry has experienced continuous growth since first developed in 1994.

Gambling is believed to have existed in every single intelligent civilization that we know throughout history and as the civilizations evolved, they were able to invent new gambling games, ways to entertain themselves and eventually ended up creating a place just for gambling. This was first established in Europe in 1638 in Venice, Italy and it wasn’t called a casino yet but it had a simpler name, Gambling House.

In the US, the early form of casinos was known as saloons and they were all over the states back in the day and later on in 1931 when gambling became legal in the state of Nevada came to the first land-based casinos and the gambling industry skyrocketed from here on.

The Rise of Technology and Gaming

As technology became more and more advanced, the casinos have adapted to it quite well and with the appearance of the Internet, they became widely available for anyone to play and gamble. The online casino industry first started developing back in 1994 and it’s been growing ever since because of the ease of access and because everyone has their hands on an internet connection today. Today we have a lot of real money casino sites available to play our favorite games without having to leave the comfort of our homes.

The online casino industry has been growing since it first appeared and ever since 2005, it was able to expand to about 2.5 times and the revenue that it’s expected to generate by 2014 is around $40billion dollars. This billion dollar industry is only expected to go further as more and more players are signing up on online casino sites to play their favorite gambling games. The games that online casinos offer are numerous and they surely have the perfect game for everyone. Whether you like the slots or to play some blackjack against the dealer, these casino sites have the game. Poker and roulette are one of the most played games on these sites which is no surprise since they are one of the most popular games gamblers enjoy playing in land-side casinos as well.

Going Mobile

The online casino industry didn’t stop at just creating websites and offering their games for PC users, but they also went further and most of the online casinos have apps of their own that are adapted for mobile gaming. They made these apps so that you can have access to your favorite casino games and be able to play anywhere at any time from your mobile device. Since the invention of smartphones, the mobile casino gaming industry has been on the rise and more and more people are choosing to play on their mobiles because of the convenience it offers. Because the number of people that use the internet on their phones grows and it has surpassed the people that use internet on their desktop computers, the projection of the revenue that was generated by mobile gaming is $100billion US dollars in 2017 and it should keep on rising.

Because online gambling became so popular, there’s an increasing number of countries permitting online gambling provided that it’s regulated in some way. Since it’s a very big market, it’s able to open jobs for the citizens of the country and generate more taxes, which is extremely beneficial for the economy of the country in question. Right now, the United Kingdom is the leader in the online casino industry with a revenue of 2billion GBP and growing every day.

Since it’s so widely available and players from all around the world can join up and gamble, the entire gambling scene is becoming more diverse as all kinds of players are joining up and it’s no longer just middle aged man. Women are signing up to play these games as well and they make up around 40% of the players on the current market. Another interesting fact is that now only 30% of the players on these online gambling sites are over the age of 50 which means more and more young players are joining and breaking the typical profile of a gambler.

The online casino industry has taken the entire world by a storm and it’s expected to rise even more, so joining up now and reaping the benefits sooner is much better rather than joining later on when it has reached the peak.