Montreal Best of MTL

The Best of MTL voting deadline has been extended

Our special issue featuring the readers poll results will be published in June.

Under normal circumstances, voting in the Best of MTL readers poll would have ended at midnight on Sunday; it would be tabulated this week and our Best of MTL special issue would come out on the first Thursday in May. Clearly 2020 has not presented us with normal circumstances.

Our April issue was released online-only because up to 90 per cent of our distribution locations were closed. The whole point of the Best of MTL is to promote the great things about Montreal, which includes its shops, bars, clubs, restaurants, salons, studios, museums, galleries and theatres. It seems likely that many of the places where our readers generally find our publication will remain closed in early May, along with so many other establishments in the city. This means that we likely wouldn’t be able to print and distribute our magazine; furthermore, it would be a bittersweet win for so many of the great Montreal businesses that will make the Best of MTL Top 5 and Top 10 lists, which may not have reopened yet.

While putting out the issue when we usually do might be a welcome distraction for readers in lockdown, we feel that this is not the right time. We have decided to extend the voting period till May 10, along with the sense of celebration that that brings, and save the announcement of the results as fanfare for local businesses in the June issue — after what we hope will be the city’s gradual reopening.

We love you Montreal. Ça va bien aller. ■

Voting in the Best of MTL readers poll continues here.

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