François Legault

François Legault on the importance of not relying on masks alone

The Quebec Premier addressed the misinformation regarding masks.

Quebec Premier François Legault spoke this afternoon about the misinformation regarding the wearing of masks in order for citizens to protect themselves from the virus. While wearing a protective mask could help prevent the spread of the virus, he had three main points that need to be understood regarding the wearing of masks during the COVID-19 / Coronavirus pandemic:

  1. “When you wear a mask, it’s not to protect yourself. It’s to protect others.
  2. When we see that the stockpiles of masks are tight at hospitals, [we should not allocate] N95 masks or surgical masks for citizens. Those masks should be left for the medical and healthcare staff. You can make other kinds of masks, and perhaps there are people who will be proposing different masks. But the masks that are used in hospital settings have to be kept in hospital settings.
  3. Masks can in no way or another replace the other guidelines. This is something that can be added to [existing] guidelines. Remaining far from other people is a great deal more efficient if you don’t want to contaminate them rather than wearing a mask. It’s important to continue respecting the guidelines. Particularly, if you have the virus or you think you might perhaps have caught it, then stay home. That is the best way to not contaminate anybody else.”

In addition to discussing protective masks, Premier François Legault also warned citizens against any physcial gatherings this Easter weekend.

“We all know that it’s Easter weekend and it’s part of the traditions in Quebec to go to church or have family dinners. The Jewish community goes to synagogues. It’s really important that there not be physical gatherings. This is not the time to have a family party over the weekend. You can do it through video conferencing, through the phone, but not physically. It’s important this year. And I am counting on the leaders of all the religious communities among others to pass this message. There cannot be any physical gathering for any religious observation. It’s important that this be followed.” ■

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