7 Reasons to Pursue a Career as a Violinist

Paving your own path in the musical industry is definitely a rough experience for most individuals.

Paving your own path in the music industry while mastering an instrument like the violin would definitely a rough experience for most individuals. The market is very competitive and sometimes even involves politics. However, in life nothing is truly impossible. If there’s a will, there’s a way! 

The best way to continue moving towards a successful career is to practice hours and hours every day. With grit, resilience, perseverance, and the willingness to learn, there is still a chance for you to have a successful career in violin even if you did not grow up as a “musical protegé.” 

To give a brief run-down of the many paths you can work towards as a violinist, here are some of the following: 

  • professional musician
  • music educator
  • artist representative
  • music director
  • agent
  • composer

That being said, it is also comfortable to know that there are more paths besides just landing a seat in the Vienna Symphony. Though there are cons and difficulties in pursuing this line of work. 

Here are several uplifting reasons as to why you should follow your gut and go for it:

  1. As you venture towards your career as a violinist or a path related to it, you will meet more people within your network or community that you will learn from and have meaningful experiences with.
  2. In relation to #1, musicians tend to feel this sense of belonging with other musicians like themselves.
  3. It is one of the hardest instruments to play. With that, if you are able to master it and stand out, chances are you will be sought after for big projects and the like.
  4. Playing the violin is good for your self-esteem. A violinist is typically more visible to an audience; many attest to feeling more connected with their audience through their craft. Furthermore, your musical journey will aid in your self-discovery and growth.
  5. More violinists are known to be hired in gigs as compared to other instruments.
  6. Playing the violin benefits your brain and mental health! It boosts memory, motor skills, and even releases hormones that aid one’s “happiness.”
  7. If you don’t become a professional musician, you can change an aspiring violinist’s life by helping them advance their career or by educating them. 

In lieu of these, for aspiring violinists, keep the hope and passion alive! You’ll never know how far you go until you bet on yourself. More importantly, the journey towards pursuing our dreams counts more than the destination.