REVIEW: Porches’ “The House”

Songwriter Aaron Maine’s comforting intimacy again shines.

Porches, The House (Domino)

The singles from Aaron Maine’s latest record see two sides of the singer-songwriter. “Find Me” is Maine the detached partier, accompanied by rattling horns and driving rhythm, whereas “Country” is a confessional croon, the climax articulated by flourishing vocal layering. The album leans a bit towards the latter, oftentimes showcasing Auto-Tuned vocal wandering over sparse territory, but Maine finds ways to sneak uplifting dance-isms into the overarching gloom. “Goodbye” offers the full scope as a mournful departure finds enlightenment with a soaring chorus and bright beat. It’s a more patient listen than “Pool,” but Maine’s comforting intimacy again shines.


Trial Track: “Goodbye”