REVIEW: Morrissey’s “Low in High School”

Long live the Smiths, but Morrissey is dead.

Morrissey, Low in High School (BMG)

Morrissey can’t ride on past glory forever, especially with pro-Brexit, pro-UKIP sentiment fatally wounding his whole enfant-terrible pose. Musically, his slide downhill probably began as far back as the ’90s, though there have been a handful of decent more-recent tracks (You Are the Quarry was alright). His lyrics veer from total self-parody (or parody of self-parody) to uncharacteristically thick, while musically it’s ham-fisted over-dramatic guitars and drums and the occasional disastrous decision — misguided pandering to the Latino fanbase? Electronic programming? Long live the Smiths, but Morrissey is dead.


Trial Track: “Spent the Day in Bed”