REVIEW: Moses Sumney’s “Aromanticism”

moses-sumney-aromanticism Moses Sumney, Aromanticism (Jagjaguwar)

Armed with a voice that could slice through steel and a flourishing sonic foundation, Moses Sumney sounds untouchable on his debut full length. There’s a Björk-like sensibility in the way that Sumney sounds wholly unique and a bit odd, yet completely relatable and emotionally vulnerable. Beneath his ridiculous high croon lies a folk-tinged landscape, occasionally minimalist with rupturing textures heralding climaxes — rules seem to fall by the wayside when brass sections and flute soloists appear. His lyrics are poetic and sparse, coping with the beautiful yet wrenching world of solitude. It’s a work out of a new world, sure to confound for years to come.


Trial Track: “Lonely World”

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