REVIEW: The Killers’ “Wonderful Wonderful”

Clever, pounding pop with high-key electronic grooves make this worth a listen.

killers-wonderful-wonderful The Killers, Wonderful Wonderful (Island)

The Killers have managed to keep their writing strong and delivery even stronger as they continue to release albums, even as their profile has seemingly shrunken after years away. While their fifth album isn’t the rush of synth-pop they have tinkered with in the past, they’ve really evolved their sound — “Wonderful Wonderful” captures that new energy. Bringing high-key electronic grooves for fun on “The Man,” they craft clever and pounding pop, though too many songs (such as “Tyson vs Douglas”) just feel bland. Reaching a new depth of writing on tracks like “Life to Come” and “Some Kind of Life,” however, there’s enough redeeming moments to make this worth a listen.


Trial Track: “Life to Come”