REVIEW: Alvvays’ “Antisocialites”

The musically strong beach rock of Antisocialites grows on you.

alvvays-antisocialitesAlvvays, Antisocialites (Polyvinyl/Royal Mountain)

Going into Alvvays’ second record, don’t expect the melancholy of their debut. Molly Rankin’s vocals are more excited and the riffs are more energized on this record, clearly made by a much cheerier band. While openers like “In Undertow” and “Dreams Tonite” provide a nice bridge to their older sound, much of the record feels like the band’s take on Sunflower Beanlike indie rock. Once you get over the difference, however, they knock out handfuls of musically strong beach rock that spins their sound well. While not as immediately emotional as their first record, Antisocialites grows on you on repeat listens.


Trial Track: “Plimsoll Punks”