REVIEW: Craig Pedersen Quintet’s “Approaching the Absence of Doing”

The quintet dives deeper into the avantgarde.

craig-pedersen-approachingCraig Pedersen Quintet, Approaching the Absence of Doing (Mystery and Wonder)

Kicking off the start of the new label that he formed with his wife and collaborator Elizabeth Miller, local trumpeter Craig Pedersen returns to his Ottawa band, adding a drummer and diving deeper into the avantgarde. Pedersen’s quartet has always taken melodies far from their roots with raw improvisations. Now a quintet, the group creates sparse percussive landscapes that explode into massive terrain with sketches of melody or bass lines remaining beneath the surface. Both established solo players, saxophonist Lindsey Wellman and Pedersen can command the space on their own, but the band showcases their unity as fiercely creative solos melt into unified ensemble motions.


Trial Track: “Blowing”