REVIEW: Illa J’s “Home”

illa-j-homeIlla J, Home (Jakarta)

John Yancey has steadily shown and proven his growth and merit as an artist in his own right since his 2008 debut, but if ever there was a time to once and for all stop preceding his name with the words “Dilla’s brother,” the time is now. Following up his excellent self-titled 2015 sophomore, Illa J brings Home all the way to outer space and back. Wildly soulful Oregon-born talent Calvin Valentine gives Illa a canvas to channel his natural-born soul-singing chops, flirted with on hooks previously but refined here to create a laid-back vocal mix of melody and rap that is unique to this Yancey boy. Dilla would be proud, but Illa’s bragging rights are cemented here as his own to defend.


Trial Track: «Sam Cook»

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