Nick Briz wants you to misuse technology

Artist, organizer, educator and “tactical misuser” Nick Briz is only one of the speakers at Phi X IAM, which will explore the impact of technology in regards to the consumption and production of art and culture.

RIDM: our closing weekend picks

A disturbing glimpse at apocalyptic Americana through YouTube diary collage, and a poetic portrait of a fishing vessel, wrap up our coverage of Montreal’s documentary festival.

Q&A with Steve Roggenbuck

  Poet Steve Roggenbuck is a polarizing figure to those in the know. He eschews traditional tenets of grammar and spelling (his website URL, for example, is, he sometimes rambles non-sensically, his often nasally delivery on his numerous YouTube videos can grate and detractors paint him as a self-aggrandizing figure who cares more about […]