Thursday, July 30

* Woman x Women vernissage at Station 16
* Satanic Panic: Pop-Cultural Paranoia in the 1980s book launch at Drawn & Quarterly
* Montreal’s Metropolitan Orchestra plays the Mount Royal Lookout
* Osheaga launch party with Joey Bada$$, Tommy Kruise, the Yardlets and more
* Pat Jordache album launch at Bar le Ritz PDB
* The MEG festival continues with a Lisbon Lux Records showcase

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Friday, May 22

* La Bacchanale party in the Old Port
* U.S. comedian Mike Lawrence headlines stand-up monthly the Brunch Club
* Montreal band Yardlets launch a new LP
* Keisuke Kinoshita’s 1961 film Immortal Love screens at the Cinémathèque
* Glamarchist Lookfair LGBT dance party/Anarchist Bookfair kick-off
* Speakeasy Electro Swing fourth anniversary party

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Maximum Wattage

At this point, if you still don’t know who Mike Watt is, I’m afraid we can no longer be Facebook friends. Watt is a punk fuggin’ rock vanguard and bass player extraordinaire. The man’s pedigree speaks for itself — Minutemen (!!!!!!), firehose, solo artist and, for the past five years, “thunderbroom” player for the Stooges. The motherfuggin’ Stooges fer chrissakes!!!!!!
Not one to rest on his laurels, Watt has just released a book of his nautical-themed photographs, with the odd “spiel” tossed in for good measure. It’s called On and Off Bass, published by Three Rooms Press (100 pp, $26). I highly suggest you get your mitts on it, as it’s guaranteed to spruce up any coffee table. While we’re at it, another great Watt title that is definitely worth hunting down would be his 2003 book Spiels of a Minuteman, from local publisher L’Oie de Cravan.