Saturday, Jan. 19

* Women’s march at Jamelin Gamelin
* Circa Art Actual at Belgo
* Offside at Centaur Theatre
* 70s/80s night at Bar le Ritz
* 90s night at Groove Nation
* All Black Everythings at Sotterenea

Tuesday, Jan. 15

* Life drawing at Galerie Parfois
* Hyena Subpeona at Centaur
* I Like It! at l’Esco
* Whiskey tasting at 132 Bar Vintage
* Made with Booze cocktail competition

Thursday, Jan. 10

* Hyena Subpeona at Centaur
* Skate to DJ Poirier in the Old Port
* ManSpread at the Wiggle Room
* Funny Moves Comedy Hour at Bar le Ritz
* thisquietarmy at Sala Rossa

Tuesday, Jan. 8

* Dreamweavers vernissage at Théâtre Sainte-Catherine
* SAT Fest
* Transition NDG screens Cities Held Hostage
* B-girl/B-boy classes at Studio 303
* Wildside Festival at Centaur
* DJ Roxy Moron Bowie night at la Shop

Wednesday, Jan. 13

* Tricia Middleton vernissage at Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran
* Graphic Novel Book Club at Drawn & Quarterly
* Co.Venture at the Centaur Theatre
* Trash Ton Karaoké at Piranha Bar
* KickDrum launches Winter Marathon concerts
* Chunk Wednesdays DJ night at Blue Dog Motel

Tuesday, Jan. 12

* Hans Ulrich Obrist’s do it exhibition
* A Night Over Egypt DJ night at Bar Kabinet
* Centaur theatre festival Wildside continues
* Quintet at Resonance Café
* Strange Days Vibrant Nights at Salon Daomé

Thursday, Jan. 7

* Happy hour skating in the Old Port
* Centaur Theatre’s Wildside Festival begins
* The Roast of Tranna Wintour at the Wiggle Room
* Dépflies live at Théâtre Sainte Catherine
* Blatant Localism Montreal band showcase at Turbo Haus
* Overdose 2.0 at Play nightclub