Friday, June 14

* Folk Fest on the Canal
* Francofolies kicks off
* Music is My Sanctuary at Green Haüs
* All Humans and GRL PWR at Mural
* Stelios Vassiloudis at Newspeak

Saturday, Jan. 19

* Women’s march at Jamelin Gamelin
* Circa Art Actual at Belgo
* Offside at Centaur Theatre
* 70s/80s night at Bar le Ritz
* 90s night at Groove Nation
* All Black Everythings at Sotterenea

Saturday, Jan. 5

* Ciné-Ghibli at O-Taku Manga Lounge
* They Grieve at Casa
* Voyage Funktastique at Le Belmont
* Tribunion at La Shop
* Cyberia afterhours

Thursday, Dec. 13

* House of Youth showcase at Phi Centre
* Tinder Tales at MainLine
* Morte Psíquica at la Vitrola
* Live sets at Sotterenea
* Music is My Sanctuary at Daomé

Sunday, Nov. 8

* Vinyl sale at Datcha
* Bingo at Ping Pong Club
* Le Cinéclub presents Battle of Britain
* Comedy Abroad at MBar
* Belgian DJ/producer the Magician at SAT
* Game of Thrones burlesque at Café Cleopatra

Friday, March 13

* CATS creative space opens in St-Henri
* Monsoon, a documentary about India’s torrential rain season, opens at Cinéma du Parc
* MassivArt 6th anniversary party
* Meta Gruau play Quai des Brumes with No Negative and Alparchie
* Les Séparatwists play a free show at BarPub St-Denis
* Alaiz Invasion 2 dance party at le Belmont

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Thursday, August 15

* Read the Rant Line™!
* Mascara & Popcorn Black Carpet event
* Scissor That Pride edition at the Phoenix
* Stand-Up at the M
* No Trap at Blue Dog Motel
* Pervers/Cité edition of POMPe

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