Wednesday, June 12

* Scotch & Soda sample sale
* Alaclair Ensemble at Mural
* Bass Drive at Belmont terrasse
* High Dials at Balattou
* Mx. Queerdo at Fringe

Saturday, Jan. 5

* Ciné-Ghibli at O-Taku Manga Lounge
* They Grieve at Casa
* Voyage Funktastique at Le Belmont
* Tribunion at La Shop
* Cyberia afterhours

Thursday, Dec. 27

* Sound Central cat party
* Howl! arts collective at Holograms and Sounds
* From Hip to House at Maison 2109
* Roses house party at Apt. 200
* Dave Allison and Leëf at Club Pellicano

Saturday, Dec. 15

* Deadstock Depot flea market
* “I Used to be Normal” at Cinéma Moderne
* Andy Kim Christmas benefit at Corona
* Skate to Voyage Funktastique
* Lo Signal Sound System at Maison 2109
* DJ Moka at Velvet

Saturday, Nov. 3

* Sea Moya play Pâtisserie Bela Vista
* Stephen Orlov’s Birthmark at M.A.I.
* Syngia album launch at Diving Bell
* Nuit Chromatic
* Couteau Papillon album launch at La Sotterenea
* Voyage Funktastique 5th anniversary at Belmont
* LIP at Alexandraplatz

Saturday, Sept. 8

* Live music and DJs, sculpture, artisan market and food at Le bruit des arbres festival
* Food, drink, fashion and traditional music at the Ukrainian Festival
* Confabulation begins with “Awakenings” at the Phi Centre
* Let’s Eat Grandma with Boniface and Odette Hartman at Bar le Ritz
* Tour de Manège DJ collective at Maison 2109
* Homegrown.Union afterhours event with anabasine, Daura and others

Your weekly party heat map

From the big bash on Île Notre-Dame to free hip hop shows & afterparties to mid-week debauchery, there is, to paraphrase Flava Flav, too-too-too much party ahead.