Thursday, April 11

* Soft Existentialism vernissage at COA
* 10 Plagues Trivia and Museum of Jewish Montreal
* Tommie and the Commies at l’Esco
* Wintersleep at Sala
* Pariah at Datcha

Wednesday, Feb. 20

* Cosmovision Records launch
* Ellen Cantor’s Pinochet Porn at CCA
* Festival de la bête noire
* Radio Elvis at MTELUS
* Victory Chimes at l’Escogriffe

Wednesday, Jan. 16

* Wine tasting at Kabinet
* Lit night at Crobar
* Rockabilly at Scoop
* Tamayugé at Casa del Popolo
* Victory Chimes at l’Esco

Monday, Aug. 27

*Festival des Films du Monde de Montréal screenings
*Surfaces street art expo
*Victory Chimes & Daniel Isaiah play La Vitrola
*Botanical Design workshop