Thursday, August 1

* Read the Rant Line™!
* Clive Barker’s The History of the Devil
* Improv comedy fest kicks off
* The Besnard Lakes at the Corona Theatre
* Arthur H and AroarA play the PHI Centre

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Mikey B Trippin: The Great Escape pt. 1

M for Mikey reports from the Great Escape music festival in the (alleged) lesbian capital of England: Brighton. Read about the festival’s excess of bands, booze and blondes, and what it feels like to pass out on a rocky beach with a God-awful chicken salad sandwich in your face.

Old grunge, new goth

Assessing new records by Mudhoney and Ascetic PLUS a half-week’s worth of heavy shows and DJ nights, from Suuns and Metz to Ashtray Heart and Loma Prieta.

Passovah in festival mode

Passovah Productions turned four this winter. Noah Bick launched the company with Lukas Glickman (who’s since stepped out of the picture) as a booster for their friends’ bands. They favoured quasi-legal venues like Friendship Cove, where there was no rental fee and no carding — Bick was 17 at the time. He was already an employee at Pop Montreal when Passovah launched, and about a year later, he began working for a company that you’d think would be his primary rival: Blue Skies Turn Black.

Hey kids, get outta my backyard!

As the leaves start trembling and ready themselves to be torn asunder from their branches to slowdance to the ground in their demise…yeesh, did I just write that? Okay, I might’ve torn a page out of my grade school journal there so, uh, let me have another crack at an intro. When the Main once again gets carpeted in Technicolor two-dollar chow mein/PBR puke, you don’t need a calendar to know that school is dangerously close to being in session.