Saturday, Mar. 2

* 2040:Year after Year
* Questioning the Future at CCA
* Bixa Travesty at Arsenal
* Transfigured Tube at Maison Symphonique
* Ausgang Nuit Blanche party
* 2 new expos at MMFA
* REWIND at Cabaret Berlin
* Entourage afterhours

Wednesday, March 11

* Marvels and Mirages of Orientalism exhibit & Moroccan night at MMFA
* Aperitivo at Little Italy’s Hostaria
* Naomi Klein speaks at UQAM
* Socalled launches Life of Slice cookbook at Drawn & Quarterly
* Southern Cross comic launch at Bar le Ritz PDB

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We don’t need no education

The overwhelming majority of CEGEP students returned to class recently, and everyone’s been holding their collective breath over whether university students would follow suit. Students at Université de Montréal and UQAM headed back to class today to finish their winter semester, only to have them disrupted by the protests of some of their classmates.