Thursday, June 12

* St-Laurent street sales + MURAL
* Mondial de la Bière
* Four Minutes to Midnight launch at Formats
* A Small Family Business at Forum Cinema
* Sonic Avenues record launch at Casa del Popolo
* M 4 Mikey hosts Booby Trap at Rockette

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The uptown music festival

Brace yourself for 2.5 weeks of musical freedom and sonic excellence at the Suoni per il Popolo festival, beginning tomorrow. See tips for the festival’s first week plus a breakdown of new records by Acid Mothers Temple and Montreal’s own UBT.

Wednesday, April 10

* Saturation and Stare’s Star d’un Soir @ Yves Laroche
* Rooftop garden produce baskets at le Pick-Up
* Know It All trivia contest to support CJLO
* Ubisoft’s Shootmania launch party
* Sandy Amerio at the Cinémathèque
* Argentinian Cannes hit at FCLM
* Redd Kross!

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