Thursday, Aug. 30

* Montreal Improv 10-year anniversary
* 19th edition of MONTREAL IN MOTION
* Ubisoft’s 5 à 7 Crème de la Crème du Mile End
* 20th edition of MTL Electronique Groove music fest
* Ian Shatilla will appear in conversation with BBAM’s Ralph Alfonso

Montreal gaming hits E3

Last week gaming hypefest E3 was held in Los Angeles. Here’s how Montreal’s indie start-ups and big studios fared at the conference.

Wednesday, April 10

* Saturation and Stare’s Star d’un Soir @ Yves Laroche
* Rooftop garden produce baskets at le Pick-Up
* Know It All trivia contest to support CJLO
* Ubisoft’s Shootmania launch party
* Sandy Amerio at the Cinémathèque
* Argentinian Cannes hit at FCLM
* Redd Kross!

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