Thursday, June 6

* Modo Yoga 15th anniversary
* For the Sake of Analog at Gallery Parfois
* Mural party at Tokyo
* Cam’Ron at École Privée
* Fringe fest afterparty

Thursday, May 2

* Concordia Film Festival
* Montreal Sketchfest
* Pie night at NDQ
* The Hacker at Newspeak
* 17th anniversary of Cabaret Mado

Tuesday, March 19

* KISS at the Bell Centre
* FIFA kicks off
* Arts and Laughs at Turbo Haüs
* Woman in the Dunes at Diving Bell
* I Like It Comedy at Esco

Tuesday, March 12

* Gaspar Noé’s Climax at Cinéma du Parc
* Queertech conference at WeWork
* Danse danse at Arsenal
* Trannavision at Diving Bell
* Black Queen at le Ministère

Friday, Feb. 15

* Heartstreets at NOMAD
* Anemone at Sala
* Anti-VD party at Diving Bell
* Maribou State at le Belmont
* Roy Davis Jr. at Newspeak

Tuesday, Jan. 22

* Drink and Draw at Blue Dog
* Taxi Driver at the Cinémathèque
* Poetry Night at Kafein
* Tachno Tuesdays at Burrito Buracho
* Stand Back comedy at NDQ

Tuesday, Dec. 11

* Effet domino at Place des Festivals
* Bergman’s The Touch at the Cinémathèque
* Reiner’s Misery at Bar le Ritz
* Trannavision: Love, Actually
* DJ Canhota at Blizzarts

Thursday, Nov.22

* Etsy Montreal pop-up market
* Endrick and the Sandwiches at l’Esco
* Tranna Wintour at Diving Bell
* Digitalism at Newspeak
* Simonetti’s Goblin at Fairmount

Thursday, Aug. 16

*Lion d’Or celebrates Madonna’s 60th birthday party
*Crafty Cunts vernissage
*Drag Superstars live show at Fierté Montreal Pride
*Histories, Fantasies & All Possible Futures free outdoor screening