We all got drunk at Tokyo

With summer coming to a close, St-Laurent hosted its last street fest of the year, and Tokyo held another BBQ on its rooftop terrasse on Saturday. Photos inside…

Friday, August 23

* 3 Mile Meal
* Galerie Nowhere showcase
* The Act of Killing at Cinema Excentris
* NDG Off the Wall screens 20 NDG-related shorts
* LNDMRK celebrates its first anniversary at SuWu
* Sarah Neufeld at La Sala Rossa
* Huf party at Blue Dog Motel

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Trap talk with Tommy Kruise

If you’ve done that thing called “going out and having fun” in Montreal in the last two years—especially if your definition of fun is getting fucked up and dancing to rap sub-genres—you’ve seen his face behind the booth or on that shirt with a weird-lookin’ dude with a huge joint danglin’ from his lips.

Friday, May 24

* Bazaar of the Bizarre
* Anarchist Book Fair
* Cosmonaut screening
* Dachshund UN
* The Montreal Underground Film Festival gets underway
* Fishing With John at the PHI Centre
* Blunt Fang, Tommy Kruise and more at la Brique
* One Man Band Festival continues with Montag
* ChristCORE, Being Chinese in Quebec and Lotus Eaters open at Cinéma du Parc

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Gigs broadcast for the poor, lazy & remote

If you dug Couchella, Boiler Room TV invites you to party with hipsters around the world — and now even here in Montreal — from the comfort of home. Here’s how last night’s local debut went over.

Thursday, April 25

* Read the Rant Line™!
* Levi Orta’s Honour Without Courage at Darling Foundry
* The NOAH screens serial killer flick Born for Hell, aka Naked Massacre
* Le Couleur’s free EP launch at O Patro Vys
* Passwords, Silver Dapple, the People & DJ Speechless at Lambi
* Vice‘s Downtown Sound party w/ Lunice at the PHI Centre

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Wednesday, April 17

* Vote for the Best of MTL!
* Grandparents Zine launch
* Gilbert Hernandez at D&Q
* Heart Streets video launch
* Indie comedy Somebody Up There Likes Me at PHI Centre
* Sean Price at Underworld
* The Deathwish Video launch w/ bands at Fouf
* Knife Slits Water DJ night at NDQ

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