Thursday, July 24

* Crew up with the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine at Just for Laughs
* Rimbaud-inspired performative art at the Darling Foundry
* 3 critics’ picks at the Fantasia film fest
* Vice photo exhibit at Yves Laroche Gallery
* The Posterz and les Anticipateurs play the MEG fest

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PHOTOS: The Jazz Fest pt. 2

See Aretha Franklin, St. Vincent, Maxwell, the Stephen Barry Band, the Posterz, Deltron 3030 & many more, shot by Cindy Lopez.

Sunday, April 13

* The Iliad at the Centaur
* Dance get remixed at Studio 303
* King of the Can rail jam at Katacombes
* Heels on Wheels Glitter Roadshow at Café l’Artère
* A novel Walmart doc screens at the Cinemathèque québécoise
* Show & Tell: Open Decks Sundays at Blizzarts

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