Saturday, Nov. 3

* Sea Moya play Pâtisserie Bela Vista
* Stephen Orlov’s Birthmark at M.A.I.
* Syngia album launch at Diving Bell
* Nuit Chromatic
* Couteau Papillon album launch at La Sotterenea
* Voyage Funktastique 5th anniversary at Belmont
* LIP at Alexandraplatz

Monday, Oct. 15

* “Sorry to Bother You” at Dollar Cinema
* Korean consulate vernissage
* McGill LGBT History Month screens “120 battements par minute”
* Teesri Dunya Theatre conference on cultural appropriation
* The Oh Sees and The Pottery at le National
* Slut Island presents Wizard Apprentice and Bedroom Witch

On Stage

A round-up of dance, theatrical and performance events taking place in the city this week.

Review: Where the Blood Mixes

Teesri Duniya Theatre continues its more than 30 years of producing progressive, socially relevant theatre with their latest production of Where the Blood Mixes, directed by Lib Spry and playing at the Centre Culturel Calixa-Lavallée until Sept. 30. It’s moving theatre that showcases Ken Loring’s play about the legacy of residential schools upon first nations communities.