Mikey B Trippin: SXSW Days 3 & 4

Mikey partied too hard on the 3rd day at SXSW, but that didn’t prevent him from appreciating a couple of dozen bands, 2 of which were his best-of-the-fest. Photos by Ellie Pritts.

Mikey B Trippin, CMW round one

M for Mikey reports from the 416 on the scenesters, Montreal rising stars and holy men, ubiquitous Stills alumni, Sacto buds and awkward saliva-swapping and urinal spying at Canadian Music Week.

Mikey B Trippin, SXSW round 4

M for Mikey, en route to CMW in Toronto, fills us in on his last day at SXSW, feat. Death Grips, G. Green and Liz Liles, Austra, Feathers, a familiar face from the good old days of MTV, twins that make you pee your pants and some bona fide Mexican food, for once.

Mikey B Trippin, SXSW round 3

Follow Mikey’s full-throttle third day of the Austin music festival, when he co-hosted M for Montreal showcases and parties with Brooklyn Vegan, Arbutus Records and Invisible Oranges and met up with some Stockton, CA legends (not Pavement, but close). And as a bonus for all festival-going dudes, Mikey shares his secret to staying drunk and avoiding bathroom queues.

Mikey B Trippin, SXSW round two

M for Mikey survives another day to tell tales of the Austin festival’s Oakland freaks, douche bars, sketchy hardcore bands, music-label fights, a quasi-mystical Pop Montreal showcase and drinking Lone Star and eating Mexican (hold the beans) 24/7.

Mikey B Trippin: SXSW round one

M for Montreal’s M for Mikey arrives in Austin, where he’s greeted by a bounty of tanned skin and butt cheeks, Dick Linklater vibes, Thurston “Thursty” Moore, bands galore and more molestation from the friendly 5-0.

Mikey B Trippin, from ECMW to SXSW

M for Montreal’s main man Mikey B Rishwain is out at the spring festivals, reporting for Cult MTL about the bands, the bars and the local weirdos in Halifax, Austin and Toronto. In this first installment of Mikey B Trippin, he regales us with tales of his first time in Halifax: the biker bars, the bribes, the Boners & the Downers of East Coast Music Week.