Index this, Pauline!

If there had been no tuition in 2012, the lost revenue would amount to close to $350 million, a figure not far removed from, say, what Revenu Quebec expects to bring in annually from its new sales-recording modules in restaurants. So why isn’t it already free, asks Peter Wheeland.

Monday news round-up: eat the rich

It wasn’t your imagination — the rich really are getting richer, according to new data from Statistics Canada. Plus: Quebec Liberal leadership debates heat up and the PQ gets squirrelly on tuition fees. Here’s your Monday news round-up.

Photo Gallery: ATSA’s Soirée Rouge

Last night, 25 local artists, activists and personalities spoke, did interpretive dance, busted out into song and did other generally interesting/fun/weird things, and Owain Harris captured it.

Quebec, Ink — Smarten up, Malavoy

Political columnist Peter Wheeland weighs in on the PQ’s proposed plan to pull mandatory English classes from French-language first- and second-grade classes and this summer’s surprising local tourism numbers.