Tuesday, March 19

* KISS at the Bell Centre
* FIFA kicks off
* Arts and Laughs at Turbo Haüs
* Woman in the Dunes at Diving Bell
* I Like It Comedy at Esco

Tuesday, Feb. 5

* Radioélectrique III at Sala Rossa
* Art and social justice talk at Art Hives
* Comedy at l’Esco
* Human Instrument at SAT
* Rêves sonores at Resonance Café
* Claude Rajotte at Salon Daomé

Thursday, Jan. 10

* Hyena Subpeona at Centaur
* Skate to DJ Poirier in the Old Port
* ManSpread at the Wiggle Room
* Funny Moves Comedy Hour at Bar le Ritz
* thisquietarmy at Sala Rossa