Sunday, Aug. 24

* Wellington, Monkland & St-Laurent street sales
* Off-Broadway comedy Mistakes Were Made opens at MainLine Theatre
* thisquietarmy at la Vitrola
* Passovah presents Brave Radar, Molly Sweeney & 8 more bands at Casa del Popolo
* Charity concert at the Corona as part of Goal MTL

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The cool kids are coming back to St-Laurent

Zach Macklovitch and Nathan Gannage of Saintwoods, the crew behind SuWu and Apartment 200, are singlehandedly contradicting the naysayers who claim that nightlife has fled from the lower Main to Old Montreal and Mile End.

We all got drunk at Tokyo

With summer coming to a close, St-Laurent hosted its last street fest of the year, and Tokyo held another BBQ on its rooftop terrasse on Saturday. Photos inside…

Here’s why St-Laurent is dying

The St-Laurent Merchants’ Association is spending $30,000 to dress up the street’s empty storefronts with work by local artists. Will that be enough to draw businesses back to the Main?