St-Laurent street sale photos: bring on the street meat

Lounging at a terrasses while having a pint of Blanche is a quintessential Montreal activity, and when the entire Main (aka St-Laurent) is turned into one giant terrasse, complete with clothing sales, quirky characters and the ever-important street meat, you know you’re in for a fun weekend.

Overdressed: fast fashion vs ethical shopping

Three years ago, author Elizabeth Cline shopped like many of us: hitting up sales, cruising the racks of knock-off designer pieces at stores like H&M, Zara and Forever 21, and firmly refusing to shell out more than a few bucks for any item of clothing. She recalls a moment when she stumbled upon $7 canvas flats on sale at Kmart, slipped into a shark-like blood frenzy and ended up lugging seven identical pairs home on the subway.