Sheila Heti on How Should a Person Be?, her creative process and constantly being compared to Lena Dunham

Toronto writer Sheila Heti’s latest novel, How Should a Person Be? has been making big waves since its release last fall for its fresh, funny voice, beautiful writing and startling originality. The novel follows Sheila, a writer and recent divorcée, as she struggles with a creative block and the fallout from her failed marriage. These disappointments breed new possibilities as we tag along for Sheila’s sentimental education on how to be a better lover, friend, artist and person.

Back from her recent publicity tour, Cult MTL checked in with Heti by phone to talk about the book and its reception.

Summer Reads Revue

While there’s no shortage of fun stuff to do in Montreal come summertime, it’s also a great opportunity to kick back and relax with a good book. So here’s a few recent and upcoming releases to look for when the clock strikes hammock o’clock.