Thursday, Aug. 6

* Maëstro interactive installation at Place des Festivals
* Under Pressure presents Vinyl Exploration at Théâtre Sainte Catherine
* Séripop performance at the Darling Foundry
* Ducktails plays Casa del Popolo
* Île Soniq pre-party with DJ MK at Théâtre Fairmount
* Pervers/Cité kicks off with Mz. Van Horne at Brasserie Beaubien

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Saturday, May 2

* Atelier Wonder/Lafaille pop-up shop at Aux Vues
* Authors for Indies Day at local bookstores
* Free Comic Book Day
* Porchfest NDG
* Séripop vernissage at Galerie Hugues Charbonneau
* Tei Shi and Peanut Butter Wolf at le Fairmount

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Art this week

Vernissages, conferences and art parties coming at you all weekend long in Montreal’s arts scene.

Wednesday, March 6

* SAT launches local digital art and design guide
* Séripop vernissage at Belgo
* Rabbit in a Hat present Jim Burke’s Cornered
* Hitchcock’s Psycho in 35mm at the Parc
* Cult of Youth hit Il Motore

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Thursday, Jan. 10

* Read the Rant Line™!
* Seripop’s new installation opens at Belgo Building
* Meow Mix celebrates 15 years
* The NOAH screens Der kopf des Mohren
* Purity Ring and Young Magic at le National
* Shake! at Korova, Two Tone at Blizzarts

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On the walls: the week in art

While January is arguably the snowiest (and crappiest) month of the year it doesn’t mean you should be spending it holed up, waiting for the snow to melt. Cult‘s arts team has assembled some hot options for the week ahead.

On the walls: the week in fine arts

Roundup of what’s on this week: cheap art books, cosmological painting, radical political philosophy, a 30s Christmas dreamscape, kids’ charity art, a mini Comic-Con, the fierce women of punk rock and some local big names compete for the Ayot-Comtois prizes.

Tuesday, Dec. 4

* Big sale on MAC art books
* Dinner at Labo Culinaire
* An exhibit of Ayot-Comtois art prize contenders
* Widescreen Led Zeppelin
* Caroline Glass Orchestra, Molly Sweeney & Gambletron

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