Change is possible

If 2012 showed us anything, it’s that rights can be won, but victories are often hard-fought.

Calling all gangbangers

This week, Sasha helps push a married couple to explore a long-dreamed of fantasy involving many men and one woman. Also, when not to touch the bang bang fruit.

Canadian gigolo

Sasha gives advice to a would-be male escort and a woman experimenting with a polyamorous lifestyle.


How far is too far when caning or whipping your partner’s feet? Sasha’s got some hot tips on bastinado.


When is a “semi-casual” relationship not so casual anymore? Around the time you stop being able to have an orgasm in front of the other person.

The wilderness inside

Sasha reflects on Amanda Todd’s suicide and how the Internet would have informed her own behaviour as a misguided teen.

Girl on t-girl action

Sasha offers advice on sex with — and sensitivity toward — a transgendered partner.

Wet the Fuck

This week, Sasha, our sex columnist, answers your questions about female ejaculation and genital piercings at an advanced age.

Not bloody likely

I consider myself a futurist. I like to theorize how certain events and advancements will play out. I spend lots of time thinking about robots, robo-prostitutes and other weird space shit. Here’s a prediction that I would like to share with you: within 10 years, weed will be completely legal in North America. Why/how? PMS.