Today’s Sounds: Divine Fits

The first two Divine Fits tunes to be revealed to the world this summer were the debut single, “My Love Is Real,” and “Would That Not Be Nice,” sung by Boeckner and Daniel, respectively. They sound a lot like what you’d think a mash-up of their bands would produce: electro-fried glam rock bones wrapped tightly in a tense funk gristle.

Divine Fits’ Dan Boeckner on cities and supergroups

No one was too surprised when Wolf Parade parted ways. At Mount Zoomer and Expo 86 were good albums, but neither was as end-to-end exciting as Apologies to the Queen Mary was back in 2005. And when two very different side projects emerged, it was clear that the band’s primary songwriters, Spencer Krug and Dan Boeckner, needed artistic outlets far apart from one another.