RIP Royal Phoenix

The Mile End establishment, a defacto gay and lesbian bar far from the village, has announced that it’s closing its doors.

Thursday, June 5

* The Fringe begins with My Playwright Sister
* Foonzo host a Tetris Attack tournament
* USA Out of Vietnam album launch at Sala Rossa
* Sunfields album launch at Casa del Popolo
* Rebel Rebel at the Royal Phoenix
* RYAN Playground and WYLN spin at Apt. 200

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Friday, May 16

* Montréal Monochrome II at M.A.I.
* Sappy Forever book launch
* Rich Aucoin plays the One Man Band Fest
* Come Worry With Us! at Cinéma du Parc
* Howler play Quai des Brumes
* Hydromatic at the Royal Phoenix

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Friday, April 18

* Ras le Bol at Skol
* Les Enfants Sauvages launch PÉ14
* Record Swap Day at Cabaret Playhouse
* Multi Culti launch at Salon Daomé
* Cabaret Freak Show at the Wiggle Room
* Hydromatic at the Royal Phoenix

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Tuesday, April 1

* Dark Lullabies at Dawson College
* RuPaul’s Drag Race screening party at Royal Phoenix
* DeAnne Smith music video premiere at Théatre Ste-Catherine
* DJ AK-80 at Notre Dame des Quilles

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