Thursday, March 6

* The Lunchbox at the PHI Centre
* Frédéric Lavoie and Diane Borsato at Centre Clark
* Citizen Kane at the Cinémathèque québécoise
* RiFF RAFF comes to Cabaret Underworld
* A DL Jones/Coven party at Datcha

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Rap life support

Hip hop hate, death and growth in the year 2013, via J-Zone’s retirement and TopLeft’s worst Canadian rappers series, plus the local DJs, big-time rappers and epic battles that’ll get you out the house this week.

Cult classics 2012: Interviews

We’ve spoken to a stack of worthy musicians over the past six months, from established elderstatesmen of pop to stars of underground hip hop to fresh-faced R&B singers on the rise — Morrissey (pictured), Danny Brown, Black Atlass, Divine Fits, Big K.R.I.T. and Vilify, to name a few. And while the three features within aren’t necessarily the biggest names or the local faves, they’re Music’s very best back-and-forths since Cult MTL launched last summer.

RiFF RAFF plays the rap game for fun

Houston, Texas rapper RiFF RAFF (aka Jody Highroller) could not have existed before the information age, plain and simple.
Whereas haters of any generation can find a reason to knock on him, if they like, digital evolution has ultimately given hip hop imagery the pass to change outta North Face jackets into Russian fur hats and bombers, and from Jesus pieces to jewel-encrusted Kool-Aid-man chains and emerald Slimer belt-buckles.

Friday, Oct. 19

* Montréal/Brooklyn kicks off
* Check out the Peaches musical at FNC
* Catch a free dance performance
* See RiFF RAFF and Radio Radio in Laval
* Meet 10 local bands at the Forchristsake k7 launch
* Get out and party!

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Today’s Sounds: Henry Threadgill Zooid

Henry Threadgill was among the earliest members of Chicago’s Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians. Having participated in polka, Dixieland and big band jam sessions, and having studied modern classical composers like Varèse and Hindemith, Threadgill was built for the AACM’s eclectic approach.

He’s led several bands over the ensuing decades, most notably Air with Fred Hopkins and Steve McCall, and Very Very Circus, a sextet featuring the unusual line-up of two tubas, two guitars and drums, along with Threadgill’s saxophones and flutes. Zooid has been around since 2001 and continues in this tradition of innovation within non-standard instrumentation.