Do you like it when I say Rick Ross sucks?

Rape-condoning lyrics, lying and shitty rapping = the perfect package. PLUS what do you want from a hip hop column, besides event pointers? AND speaking of which, there are four shows, two DJ nights and one elephant in the Bell Centre that you need to see this week.

Pot-shots and punchlines

Rappers gone wild as Rick Ross, Chris Brown and even R&B hipster-bait Frank Ocean come to blows, PLUS the deets you need for the essential parties, DJ nights and other hip hop happenings in the city this week.

Aesop Rock Part 2

Aesop Rock’s aesthetic has always played more to subway tunnels than surf spots, so his move to California from NYC a couple of years back came as a bit of a shocker to fans, friends and even family. In Part 2 of our interview, the MC/producer elaborates on packin’ it up and switching coasts.