Guillaume Morissette gets personal with literature

His name’s a dead giveaway, but when I met up with Guillaume Morissette to talk about his new book, I Am My Own Betrayal, it was his minimal French accent that most struck me: I was stunned that someone who isn’t a native speaker could have such complete mastery of the quirks and twists of our funny mutt language as Morissette’s prose so clearly demonstrates that he does.

In 2009, Morissette was working as a video game designer when he realized that this field “wasn’t really a medium where I could express myself,” and applied to the Concordia’s creative writing program. This plunge led him to gorge on anglophony’s back catalog to play catch-up. He describes how, “I went through some kind of binge, of buying random books; classics and books that just came out four seconds ago. It was completely random. I think I read more that year than any other.”