Friday, June 5

* First Fridays food truck party
* Dark Star: HR Giger’s World opens at Cinéma du Parc
* ArtGang Gallery opening party/vernissage
* Purity Ring, Born Gold and Braids play Metropolis
* J Mascis plays la Sala Rossa
* Final edition of City Music with Rollie at NDQ

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Gigs broadcast for the poor, lazy & remote

If you dug Couchella, Boiler Room TV invites you to party with hipsters around the world — and now even here in Montreal — from the comfort of home. Here’s how last night’s local debut went over.

Thursday, Jan. 10

* Read the Rant Line™!
* Seripop’s new installation opens at Belgo Building
* Meow Mix celebrates 15 years
* The NOAH screens Der kopf des Mohren
* Purity Ring and Young Magic at le National
* Shake! at Korova, Two Tone at Blizzarts

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Purity Ring prep a new set and go pro

Internationally hyped half-local electro-pop duo Purity Ring launch into 2013 with freshly refurbished sounds and spectacle, the beginnings of a new record and another collaboration with Danny Brown. They spoke to Cult MTL just ahead of tomorrow night’s show, the first of a 17-date tour.

The Top 30 MTL Songs of 2012

Here are the very best songs Montreal had to offer this year. This list is completely arbitrary and based on the whims of those who assembled it, as is the case with any list. Song preferences subject to the ever-changing moods of chief compiler/commentator Erik Leijon.

Pop Montreal day 5

The Monday after Pop is always bittersweet. You don’t want it to end but your body is glad it’s over. You don’t know what to do with yourself other than turn up some music really loud and rock out in your apartment, if only in a fetal position. That’s what the Cult MTL music team is doing today, and sharing our memories from last night. Lorraine Carpenter, Erik Leijon and Emily Raine ventured out for the festival’s last stand, or the night of the fancy lanterns.