Wednesday, Oct. 17

* Artjammin’: Patima x Mr. Sun at Salon Enchanté
* Hitchcock’s Vertigo at Cinéma Moderne
* Drawn & Quarterly’s Graphic Novel Book Club
* John Lydon at Club Soda
* TsuShiMaMiRe and Teke Teke play Bar le Ritz
* Bonjour High party at l’Esco with FunkyFalz

Once a Sex Pistol, always a Sex Pistol

Glen Matlock, the original and latter-day bassist for England’s premiere punk band, sees himself as a songwriter first, but as he says, “If I call myself a musician and I don’t play, I’m full of shit.” And so he plays Piranha tonight.

Swans!!!!! (or Friday on my mind)

Assessing two recent shows put on by punk legends (PiL and OFF!) and recommending the best events of the coming week, from no-frills DJ nights to Halloween parties to the great Oct. 26 conundrum.