Friday, Dec. 28

* Poetry and Tea at Phi Centre
* Kilmister tribute at Katacombes
* Daft Punk tribute at Club Soda
* DJ Frigid at Mado
* Électrique Feel at Blizzarts
* DTD Records afterhours at Bloc66

Friday, Oct. 19

* Montréal/Brooklyn kicks off
* Check out the Peaches musical at FNC
* Catch a free dance performance
* See RiFF RAFF and Radio Radio in Laval
* Meet 10 local bands at the Forchristsake k7 launch
* Get out and party!

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Susan Moss vs. Pop Montreal

Local photographer to the stars Susan Moss was all over the Pop Montreal festival, from the electro and indie pop spectacles to the no-frills rawk shows, from the daytime charity basketball game to the rival rock operas after dark. Here’s the view from her lens…

Pop Montreal day 3

Between David Byrne and St. Vincent at Eglise St-Jean Baptiste, rival rock operas in Mile End, major hip hop and post-punk gigs and more awesomeness at Breakglass Studios, there was so much to choose from last night. Here’s what Lorraine Carpenter, Erik Leijon and Darcy MacDonald got up to.

Pop Montreal day 2

Pop Montreal’s second day came in like a lamb, with some sparsely attended afternoon showcases, peaked with spectacular sets by some of this city’s hottest acts, and went out like a lion with the cops busting the Grimes afterparty before the little lady could even hit play. Here’s what Lorraine Carpenter, Brian Hastie, Erik Leijon and Emily Raine witnessed.

Thursday, Sept. 20

* Read the RantLine™!
* See documentary film Kavalina v. Exxon free
* See cult film Roller Town, comedy troupe Picnicface’s disco-themed adventure
* Catch the World Provider and Peaches, Joey Bada$$ and Juicy J & more Pop Montreal madness
* Join the cardboard tube fight

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