Wednesday, June 10

* When Marnie Was There screens at Cinéma du Parc
* Mural Fest conference w/ photographer Martha Cooper & Burning Man’s Crimson Rose
* Comedian Doug Stanhope performs at Club Soda
* Washington punk doc Salad Days screens at Fouf
* Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld play la Sala Rossa
* Local band Pachyderm launches a new LP, Two Weeks of Spring

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Saturday, April 26

* Beast of the East roller derby tournament
* Dirty Dogs grand opening
* Elephant Stone, Pachyderm & Vacant Lots at Quai des Brumes
* Dirty Talk with Femminielli Noir & Chevalier Avant Garde
* Sideshow Extravaganza at Théâtre Ste-Catherine
* The Knife after-party at the SAT

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Thursday, Dec. 20

* Read the Rant Line™!
* David Lynch’s meditation on meditation
* Hilarious Holiday Hoedown at the Wheel Club
* 1950s-themed burlesque
* Technical Kidman & cie. at Casa
* MEG’s Xmas DJ orgy at Divan
* Post-punks Pachyderm celebrates the apocalypse
* Hip Hop Karaoke at le Belmont

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Saturday, Aug. 25

* Maker Faire
* Empire Backyard Party
* Wiener dog races
* Kent Monkman’s Miss America
* Bones Brigade: An Autobiography
* Day two of Zodiak Club
* The Goods at Sala
* Soul Clap Dance Off at Divan Orange

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Krautrock 514 lives at Zodiak Club

Krautrock was one of Germany’s most important contributions to modern music, having laid groundwork for post-punk, industrial, shoegazing and electronic music. But it’s hardly a thing of the past.
Montreal’s Tom Jarvis and Nico Braesch of Pachyderm are practitioners of the genre, and are sharing their passion for it with an event series called Zodiak Club. The first edition happened in May at Jackie & Judy, and the second takes place tonight and tomorrow night.