News round-up: Parizeau, Magnotta, outlaw cafés

Luka Magnotta goes to trial, the OQLF cracks down on coffee — sorry, café, Jacques Parizeau comes back from the dead to haunt the PQ and most importantly, the new TP Slider will revolutionize taking a dump. It’s your Monday news round-up!

Quebec, Ink — Vote for yourself

A lot of Quebec anglos are facing a dilemma today. Like most Quebecers, we want to see change in our government, to toss the Charest Liberals out on their asses for reasons too numerous to list here.


Earlier today, the CAQ’s François Legault tried currying favour with the Quebec electorate by promising he’d make like Bob Barker and hand out a doctor to every resident. (And, perhaps, a BRAND NEW CAR!) (That’s not actually true.)