A shred-heavy weekend

Last Friday and Saturday, action-sports event Jackalope Fest took over the Olympic Park. And while fixed-gear cyclists, parkour enthusiasts, longboarders, slackliners and motocross riders were on hand, the weekend’s focus was skateboarding. In the end, the oft-derided Greg Lutzka, a native of Wisconsin who now calls southern California home, beat out France’s one-time wunderkind Bastien Salabanzi to clinch first place. But — and I really do mean this — the real winners were the spectators, who got to hear the indefatigable Dave Duncan, an ’80s pro skater who is now the mouthpiece of World Cup Skateboarding, give a play-by-play of the contest.

Grinding for cash

Skateboarders, fixed-gear cyclists, slackliners and more are set to show off their skills at the inaugural edition of Jackalope Fest, which invades the Olympic Park this weekend. The contest “came from the idea [of] bringing an action-sports event for everyone just to enjoy, and also recognize some new sports,” says Micah Desforges, Jackalope’s founder and producer.