Thursday, Feb. 21

* Fête des fromages d’ici
* Massimadi Montreal
* Ohm Hourani at the Phi Centre
* The Firemen at le Ritz
* Planet Euphorique at Datcha

Friday, Jan. 18

* MAC Nocturne
* Art Battle MTL at La Shop
* Jim Beam Talent Search at Sala Rossa
* Under Black Helmet at Katacombes
* Blue Hawai at Datcha
* Raw Moments/Anoma afterhours

Friday, Dec. 21

* Rupaul party at Crobar
* Die Hard at Théâtre Plaza
* Norman Nawrocki show at Casa
* Tiga b2b Seth Troxler at Stereobar
* My Favorite Robot at Newspeak
* Resolute afterhours

Friday, Dec. 25

* Chinese food & movies at Deli Sokolow
* Le musée de l’absurde Xmas party
* Zeitgeist party at Play nightclub
* Noël Drôle à la Rockette