WTF: The rest of the week in news

Wondering WTF happened this week in Montreal? Yeah, us too. We’ve got CAQ leader François Legault talking Bill 14, more Pope news and an outcry about fighting in hockey. Oh, and a major post-pastagate resignation.

WTF: the rest of the week in news

Did you miss the craziness of 2012? This week, City Hall got raided by Quebec’s anti-corruption squad and an Italian eatery got raided by the language cops. Plus, a famously aggressive police officer got checked into the psych ward and Mr. Sidewalk’s Charbonneau Commission testimony provided some comic relief.

Monday news roundup: The new guy

#AngloJewMayor is sworn in while Bell tries, again, to buy Astral, another construction magnate is intimidated and American big-box stores fight to keep their logos English in la belle province.