Saturday, Dec. 8

* Marché de Noël du Brasseur
* UdeM Orchestra’s “Cendrillon à Berlin”
* The Internet play MTelus
* Grand Burlesque Review at Corona
* Alaclair Ensemble at Club Soda
* Homegrown Harvest afterhours

Today’s Sounds: Stefan Christoff

An instrumental protest record by local activist Stefan Christoff, supported by a team of top local Mile End musicians, plus a track by Toro Y Moi feat. Hodgy Beats and a juicy video by Brooklyn’s Empress Of

Today’s Sounds: Tom Rainey Trio

All good improvisers have a signature sound, and the best keep evolving to remain fresh. In the absence of compositions, the act of assembling a group creates the ingredients for improv. It’s always fun to imagine how a unit might sound based on the individuals within, but the best can surprise with interactions that catalyze past expectations.
After over 20 years and dozens of releases as a sideman with everyone from Kenny Werner to Tim Berne, drummer Tom Rainey’s first session as leader was 2010’s Pool School. He has often played in groups without a bass player, freeing the rhythm section to interact musically, not just to keep time. His playing often burrows a deep funky groove, but can veer into atmospherics.

Today’s sounds

Ah, analog. Cheap, cheap-ass analog. I’m not really down with the revival of the audio cassette, despite having hauled a Walkman around town as late as 2008.